Vol. 68, No. 9: February 2017

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  • "Notes from the Editors, February 2017" by The Editors
  • "Trump and Climate Catastrophe" by John Bellamy Foster
  • "Dirge for my country" by Marge Piercy
  • "Marx on Immigration: Workers, Wages, and Legal Status" by David L. Wilson
  • "The Tyranny of Monopoly-Finance Capital: A Chinese Perspective" by Sit Tsui; Erebus Wong; Lau Kin Chi; Wen Tiejun
  • "The Brazilian Crisis: Corruption, Neoliberalism, and the Primary Sector" by Anthony Pahnke
  • "Ecology and Revolution: A Letter to Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, July 31, 1974" by Paul M. Sweezy
  • "A People's Theater on Skid Row" by Walda Katz-Fishman
Published: 2017-02-01