Vol. 67, No. 6: November 2015

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  • "Notes from the Editors, November 2015" by The Editors
  • "The Great Capitalist Climacteric: Marxism and "System Change Not Climate Change"" by John Bellamy Foster
  • "Whither Japan? Seven Decades After Defeat" by Herbert P. Bix
  • "Wars Past and Wars to Come" by John Newsinger
  • "Baran and Sweezy's Monopoly Capital, Then and Now" by Benjamin Feldman, John Bellamy Foster
  • "From Incarceration to Decarceration: The Need to Abolish Prisons" by Aviva Stahl
  • "Cotton: The Fabric of Death" by J. Lichtenstein
  • ""A Torture Machine": The Violent Story of Slavery and the Beginning of American Capitalism" by T. W. Walker
Published: 2015-11-01