Vol. 42, No. 5: October 1990

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  • Marxist Views: An Interview with Paul M. Sweezy by Paul M. Sweezy; Yoshiaki Wakima; Yuzo Watanabe
  • The Red and the Green: Left Perspectives on Ecology by Katherine Yih
  • A New World to Exploit: The East Joins the South by Saul Landau
  • Comments on "Canada: Our Model?"; Martin J. Morand Replies by Errol Black; Ron Crawley; Jim Silver; Martin J. Morand
  • Women and the Promise of Socialism by Eleanor J. Bader
  • Vito Marcantonio: A Durable Radical by Annette T. Rubinstein
  • Arab Stereotypes and the Limits of Honest Journalism by A. J. Chien
Published: 1990-10-01