Vol. 37, No. 7: December 1985

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  • The Financial Explosion by Paul M. Sweezy, Harry Magdoff
  • Nicaragua: The Strategy of Counterrevolution by Kent Norsworthy, William I. Robinson
  • Big Mac and the Tropical Forests by Joseph K. Skinner
  • Riding the Waves with the Wall Street Journal by Dan Subotnik
  • For a Better Love by Roque Dalton
  • PrĂ¡xedis Guerrero: Early Revolutionary: Revolution is Beautiful; Forerunner of Feminism by Rey Devis, Bobbye Ortiz
  • Communism in Harlem by Cornel West
  • A Quiet Violence by Cheryl Payer
  • Buried Treasure by Annette T. Rubinstein
  • On India and Mexico by Firdaus Jhabvala
Published: 1985-12-01