Vol. 24, No. 1: May 1972

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  • Imperialism: A Historical Survey by Harry Magdoff
  • Our Man in Tachai: Chen Yung-kuei on the Two-Line Struggle in Agriculture by Neale and Deirdre Hunter
  • Problems of Socialist Development in Tanzania by M. R. Bhagavan
  • Letters from Prison by Leo Huberman, Paul M. Sweezy
  • Economic Aid and Imperialism in Bolivia by Rebecca Scott
  • The Militarization of Costa Rica by John Saxe-Fern├índez, Anibal Yanez
  • The Puerto Rican Revolutionary Process by Gordon K. Lewis
  • Reply to Sweezy; On Political Repression by Alan Wolfe; Andrew Zimbalist; Paul M. Sweezy; Horace B. Davis
  • World Events by Scott Nearing
Published: 1972-05-01