Vol. 75, No. 01 (May 2023)

Monthly Review Volume 75, Number 1 (May 2023)
  • "Notes from the Editors, May 2023" by The Editors
  • "Grand Theft Capital: The Increasing Exploitation and Robbery of the U.S. Working Class" by Fred Magdoff, John Bellamy Foster
  • "Lula's Return and the Legacy of Destruction" by Rosa Maria Marques, Paulo Nakatani
  • "The Telecom Industry in India: Free Market or Monopoly-Finance Capital?" by Rahul Varman
  • "Introduction to the New Edition of 'The Hidden History of the Korean War'" by Tim Beal, Gregory Elich
  • "The Political Tragedy of Capitalist Rule" by Harry Magdoff, Paul M. Sweezy
Published: 2023-05-01