Vol. 74, No. 11 (April 2023)

Monthly Review Volume 74, Number 11 (April 2023)
  • "Notes from the Editors, April 2023" by The Editors
  • "Marxian Ecology, Dialectics, and the Hierarchy of Needs" by John Bellamy Foster; Dan Swain; Monika Woźniak
  • "John J. Simon: Socialist Editor, Writer, and Broadcaster" by John Bellamy Foster, John Mage
  • "Superexploitation and the Imperialist Drive of Capitalism: How Marini's 'Dialectics of Dependency' Goes beyond Marx's 'Capital'" by Andy Higginbottom
  • "The Meaning of 'So-Called Primitive Accumulation'" by Ian Angus
  • "Post-Second World War Social Christianity and Its Relevance to Pope Francis's Criticism of NATO" by Toby Terrar
  • "The silly war" by Marge Piercy
Published: 2023-04-01