Vol. 74, No. 3 (July-August 2022)

Monthly Review Volume 74, Number 3 (July-August 2022)
  • "Notes from the Editors, July-August 2022" by The Editors
  • "Socialism and Ecological Survival: An Introduction" by John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark
  • "The Limits to Growth: Ecosocialism or Barbarism" by Alberto Garzón Espinosa
  • "Surviving Through Community Building in Catastrophic Times" by Sit Tsui, Lau Kin Chi
  • "Climate Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century" by Jayati Ghosh; Shouvik Chakraborty; Debamanyu Das
  • "We Only Have One Planet—Defending It Will Require Collective Measures" by João Pedro Stedile
  • "Measures to Defend Life on Planet Earth and Improve Living Conditions" by Brazilian popular movements
  • "End Ecocidal Capitalism or Exterminate Life on Planet Earth: A South African Contribution to Ecosocialist Strategy" by Vishwas Satgar
  • "Surviving Collapse Through Social Transformation and Regeneration" by Christina Ergas
  • "Ecology and the Future of History" by John Bellamy Foster
Published: 2022-07-03