Vol. 73, No. 11 (April 2022)

Monthly Review Volume 73, Number 11 (April 2022)
  • "Notes from the Editors, April 2022" by The Editors
  • "The Defense of Nature: Resisting the Financializaton of the Earth" by John Bellamy Foster
  • "The Political Economy of Systemic U.S. Militarism" by James M. Cypher
  • "The Bhima Koregaon Arrests and the Resistance in India" by Saroj Giri
  • "For an Ecosocialist Degrowth" by Michael Löwy; Bengi Akbulut; Sabrina Fernandes; Giorgos Kallis
  • "Standing Against Racism and Empire: Remembering Elizabeth 'Betita' Sutherland Martinez" by Erik Wallenberg
  • "Obfuscation" by Marge Piercy
Published: 2022-04-01