Vol. 72, No. 8 (January 2021)

Monthly Review Volume 20, Number 2 (June 1968)
  • "Notes from the Editors, January 2021" by The Editors
  • "The Contagion of Capital: Financialized Capitalism, COVID-19, and the Great Divide" by John Bellamy Foster; R. Jamil Jonna; Brett Clark
  • "The Continuing Korean War in the Murderous History of Bombing" by Tim Beal
  • "Disability and Welfare under Monopoly Capitalism" by David Matthews
  • "A Portrait of Gil Green" by Michael Myerson, John J. Simon
  • "Fighting the "Immigrant Threat" Narrative" by Lola Loustaunau
  • "Standing with Standing Rock, Then and Now" by Zoltán Grossman
  • "The great denial" by Marge Piercy
Published: 2021-01-01