Vol. 72, No. 1 (May 2020)

Monthly Review Volume 72, Number 1 (May 2020)
  • "Notes from the Editors, May 2020" by The Editors
  • "COVID-19 and Circuits of Capital: New York to China and Back" by Rob Wallace; Alex Liebman; Luis Fernando Chaves; Rodrick Wallace
  • "Science and Politics" by Hilary Rose; Steven Rose; Katherine L. Bryant
  • "Engels vs. Marx?: Two Hundred Years of Frederick Engels" by Paul Blackledge
  • "It's Still Slavery by Another Name" by Michael D. Yates
  • "Postcolonial Reconstruction in Ghana, 1952–66" by Izaak Hecht
  • "And then, I think about war" by Linda Backiel
Published: 2020-05-01