Vol. 50, No. 3: July-August 1998

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  • Introduction to the Hungry for Profit Issue by John Bellamy Foster; Fred Magdoff; Frederick H. Buttel
  • The Agrarian Origins of Capitalism by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Liebig, Marx and the Depletion of Soil Fertility: Relevance for Today's Agriculture by John Bellamy Foster, Fred Magdoff
  • Agriculture and Monopoly Capital by William D. Heffernan
  • Ecological Impacts of Industrial Agriculture and the Possibilities for Truly Sustainable Farming by Miguel A. Altieri
  • The Maturing of Capitalist Agriculture: Farmer as Proletarian by Richard C. Lewontin
  • New Agriculture Biotechnologies: The Struggle for Democratic Choice by Gerad Middendorf; Mike Skladany; Elizabeth Ransom; Lawrence Busch
  • Global Food Politics by Philip McMichael
  • Rebuilding Local Food Systems From the Grassroots Up by Elizabeth Henderson
  • Want Amid Plenty by Janet Poppendieck
  • Alternative Agriculture Works: The Case of Cuba by Peter M. Rosset
  • The Importance of Land Reform in the Reconstruction of China by William Hinton
Published: 1998-07-01