Vol. 45, No. 3: July-August 1993

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  • Eritrea: A Revolution in Process by Dan Connell
  • The Sun is Not Always Dead at Midnight; Comments on Mamdani by Mahmood Mamdani, Basil Davidson
  • Environmental Degradation in Mexico by David Barkin
  • Is China Returning to Semi-colonial Status?; Can the Chinese Dragon Match Pearls with the Dragon God of the Sea?: A Response to Zongli Tang by Zongli Tang, William Hinton
  • The Crisis of Socialism and the Third World by Franz J. Hinkelammert
  • On the Question of Increasing Productivity; Harry Magdoff Responds; Economic Surplus and Class Struggle by Basil R. Pollitt; Harry Magdoff; Lukin Robinson
  • The Anti-Racist Imagination by Alan Wald
Published: 1993-07-01