Vol. 18, No. 9: February 1967

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  • The Latin American Revolution: A New Phase by Leo Huberman, Paul M. Sweezy
  • Chile's MIR: The Anatomy of a Revolutionary Party by Robert Carl Hirschfield
  • Three Reports on the Guatemalan Guerrillas: A Favorable View of FAR; FAR and MR-13 Compared; Conversations with the Guatemalan Delegates in Cuba by John A. Ehrenreich; Barbara Ehrenreich; Judy Hicks; A. P. Short
  • Toward National Suicide by Frederick L. Schuman
  • The Way by Felix Munso
  • World Events by Scott Nearing
  • The Roots of Underdevelopment by James Petras
  • A Chronicler of Late Nineteenth Century America by Manuel Pedro Gonzales
Published: 1967-02-01