Vol. 2, No. 3: July 1950

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  • New Turn in American Politics?; Après Moi Le Déluge! by Leo Huberman, Paul M. Sweezy
  • Why I Am a Marxist by Harold J. Laski
  • Better Smaller But Better by Historicus (anon.)
  • Tasks of the Left in the U.S.A by Scott Nearing
  • Needed: A Strategy for Transition by A Graduate Student in Economics (anon.)
  • Unity with Communists Impossible Under Present Conditions by Allen H. Barton
  • Needed: New Methods for Reaching People by H. C. Cowell
  • The Importance of Taking Part in Community Life by Frederick Boyden
  • Cooperation on the Intellectual Left by Philip A. Klein
  • An Attack on I.F. Stone's "Problems of the Progressive Party" by C. A. Green
  • An Appeal—and a Recommendation by Robert Shillaker
Published: 1950-07-01