For an Ecological Politics of Hope


  • Jack Weston





More than a year ago, Paul Buhle wrote a powerful call to America to fight capitalism before it destroys us and our planet. Near the end he quoted Marx's comment that revolution would not come until "a situation has been created which makes all turning back impossible." (The Eighteenth Brumaire) Buhle identified that moment as the present: "Today, human society, and the biosphere itself, cannot survive the organized greed and environmental ruination that the system demands for its continued vampire-like existence. Hot under the collar, America? It's their fault. And don't let anyone forget it." (Guardian 14 September, 1988) The message is clear: Revolution is being thrust upon us. There is no alternative. We must make the transition to socialism now if we and nature are to survive on a planet and in societies worth inhabiting.

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