Revolution and Counterrevolution in Marxian Economics; The Uno School: The Highest Stage of Marxism?


  • Baba Hiroji



History, Marxism


Recently my book, Mass Enrichment and Finance Capital, was roundly criticized in an essay published in the Monthly Review, entitled "Reactionary Marxism: The End of ideology in Japan?" (MR, April 1987). The article, written by John Lie, is laden with errors, including distortions stemming from Lie's own ideological prejudices and mistakes due to his inability to understand my theoretical arguments. Criticism born of Lie's childish ambition should in no way be taken as a basis for judging the theoretical depth or value of the book itself. Because of the broad influence of Monthly Review and because English is so much more widely read than Japanese, I fear that if I failed to respond to Lie's portrayal of the book, many readers would be left with a mistaken impression of it. The main purpose of this response is to dispel any such misunderstandings Lie's article may have produced, without attempting to point out each and every mistake in the article.

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