Mao's Rural Politics Revisited; A Response to Deane


  • Hugh Deane
  • William Hinton



Ecology, History


Recent issues if MR presented material relevant to the past and present situation in Chinese agriculture (William H. Hinton, "Dazhai Revisited," March 1988; Herb and Ruth Gamberg, "More on Dazhai," September 1988). Hugh Deane, a journalist with long experience in China, responded to these analyses last September, broadening the discussion to include a survey if developments that led up to the present situation. This survey in turn has been taken by William H. Hinton as the basis for a wide-ranging analysis and critique if Chinese agricultural policies, beginning in the Mao period. In our opinion, the Deane-Hinton exchange presented below constitutes an important contribution to the understanding if current Chinese history. —The Editors

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