All Eyes on SDI


  • Paul M. Sweezy
  • Harry Magdoff





The global policy of the United States is caught in an insoluble contradiction. On the one hand it proclaims the Reagan Doctrine, given its clearest and most militant formulation only a few months ago but basically repeating the message of the Truman Doctrine of the late 1940s and of many "doctrines" and policy pronouncements by all subsequent post- Second World War presidents. The essence of the Reagan Doctrine is a declaration of war on any fundamental change in power (i.e., class) relations anywhere in the capitalist world, combined with an uncompromising commitment to the proposition that any and all attempts to effect such change are the ultimate responsibility of Moscow. On the other hand, Washington seeks to convince world public opinion that the United States wants an end to the arms race and a peaceful settlement of outstanding differences with the Soviet Union.

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