The Road Ahead


  • Vicente Navarro



History, Political Economy


Signs accumulate that the Reagan administration, only a half year into its second term in office, is headed for a crisis, or perhaps more accurately a series of crises, that could develop into a historic turning point comparable to that which engulfed U.S. society in the 1930s. In these circumstances, we see it as the responsibility of the U.S. left to do two things: first, analyze the underlying causes of the process now coming to a head; and second, propose courses of action which on the one hand will respond to the urgent and growing needs of the people, and on the other hand help get this country off the disastrous road it has been traveling for most of the last half century. Up to now we have focused largely, though not entirely, on the first of these tasks. From now on we intend to pay increasing attention to the second—without, however, in any way neglecting the first.

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