The Liberation of Angola


  • Azinna Nwafor





The liberation of Angola which we celebrate today is a great historic victory, sealing as it does the final rout of Portuguese colonialism in Africa, jointly accomplished by the revolutionary peoples of Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and Angola. It designates a significant milestone in the struggle for the liberation of Africa—towards the building of a new Africa that is truly independent, progressive, and socialist, which will liberate the social productive forces of its people, forcibly suppressed in the conditions of their historical enslavement and colonialist exploitation. These African victories underline with exemplary lucidity that economically backward peoples, largely illiterate and not possessing the most rudimeritary knowledge of modern technology, are nevertheless "capable, by means of their sacrifices and efforts, of defeating an enemy who is not only more advanced from a technological point of view, but also supported by the powerful forces of world imperialism.

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