Marxism: Looking Backward and Forward: Essay 5


  • Paresh Chattopadhyay



Marxism, Philosophy


For the purposes of this article we follow the most outstanding representatives of Marxism in considering Marxist thought uniquely as a guide to (revolutionary) action. Applying the Marxist theory of knowledge to Marxism itself, we can say that advances in Marxist thought are possible only on the basis of practice. There is no such thing as "pure" Marxist thought capable of making progress "academically" isolated from Marxist, i.e., revolutionary proletarian, practice. No wonder that the most important advances in Marxist thought have always been made precisely by the greatest participants of revolutionary practice beginning with Marx and Engels. This also holds true for the period since the Second World War which is here under review. Indeed, the most important advances in Marxist thought during this period have been made by Mao Tse-tung (and the Chinese Communists under his leadership). Mao, like Lenin before him, advanced Marxist thought through restoring its revolutionary essence in a struggle against opportunists of all hues masquerading as "Marxists."

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