Energy and Power


  • Frank Ackerman
  • Arthur MacEwan





A recent TV commercial has a little girl tell us how important it is to save energy. The message is clear: her future depends on our frugality. The sponsor is Texaco. In another ad, a woman at the blackboard shows housewives that by thinking ahead they can do their errands in a single trip and save gas. The ad is sponsored by Exxon—Exxon cares. Still another ad has a man from the electric company explain that running your dishwasher only half full wastes energy. Con Ed cares too. During time outs on Sunday afternoon football, a famous coach appears to "speak to you for Exxon." He points out that by driving at 50 miles per hour instead of 60, we can each save four gallons of gas each 250 miles. "Exxon," he concludes, "believes that together we can keep things moving."

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