Showdown in Chile


  • Barbara Stallings
  • Andrew Zimbalist





The following article was completed on September 3rd, the day Andy Zimbalist left Santiago to return to the United States after a year in Chile. A few days later, on September 11th, the military coup overthrew the Popular Unity government. President Allende was either murdered or committed suicide, and the latest news reports indicate that the ruling military junta has unleashed a white terror against the Chilean working class and its political representatives. We are publishing the article in order to clarify the situation which prevailed on the eve of the coup and to place this situation in the perspective of the preceding three years of Popular Unity government. Analysis of the coup itself and the lessons to be drawn from it will have to wait until more information is available. In the meantime, we urge MR readers to wire or write the Mexican, Peruvian, and Argentine embassies in Washington and/or the missions of these countries to the United Nations, asking them to press their governments to offer asylum to the many Chileans and foreign exiles in Chile whose lives and freedom are under dire threat from the counter-revolutionary terror which now reigns in Chile. - The Editors

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