On Discovering Marxism


  • Paul M. Sweezy






On January 20, 1973, the Harvard Crimson celebrated its 100th anniversary with a dinner in Boston attended by present and former editors. Since my four undergraduate years were devoted rather more to the Crimson than to academic studies, I was gratified to be invited by the present board of editors to be one of a group of former editors, each representing one of the last six decades, to speak briefly at the dinner. I did so with my conscience weighed down by recognition that January 20th was also Inauguration Day and that I should perhaps have been in Washington rather than in Boston. Several people who were present on the occasion asked for a copy of my remarks. I promised, subject to the approval of my colleagues, to publish the text in MR. Here it is. As a matter of interest I should add that the chairman of the meeting, the current Crimson president, took up the suggestion that a resolution along the lines proposed in the third paragraph should be sent to Nixon. The resolution was adopted by acclamation. -P.M.S.

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