Hundred Day War: The Cultural Revolution at Tsinghua University


  • William Hinton





This is not a definitive history of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution at Tsinghua University. It must be considered rather a compilation of some rough notes taken from conversations with a few participants. Others who lived through the same events will surely find important omissions and distortions. The full story can only be told when Tsinghua people themselves get together and recreate it from the thousands of sources that now exist but may soon be dispersed beyond recall. Much of the story is recorded in collections of posters, leaflets, telegrams, and letters. Much more still resides only in the heads of people who took part. A concerted effort to collect and preserve this material on the part of the cadres, teachers, and students at Tsinghua would be invaluable. Whether it will ever be made is another question. Already important documents have been lost, key people have departed for distant provinces, while those who remain and could do the job are so busy reconstructing their institution that they tend to slight its history.

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