Theories of Growth in Different Social Systems


  • Michał Kalecki



Political Economy


This paper by the late Polish economist grew out of a discussion at the Faculty of Economics at Cambridge University where Kalecki was a visiting lecturer in 1969, and it was published (in English) in Scientia, Revue Internationalede Synthese Scientifique (Milan, Italy), May-June 1970. It has been characterized by Joan Robinson as "a brilliant paper which says more than a volume by most people." Precisely because the article does say so much in so short a space, it may be too difficult for some of our readers. We are nevertheless publishing it, compromising a bit with our policy of avoiding overly "technical" material, because it is (as far as we know) the last published work of Kalecki and we feel strongly that it should be made widely available to U.S. economists. MR Press is planning to publish later this year or early next year Kalecki's small book The Last Phase in the Transformation of Capitalism, the English version of which he himself prepared shortly before his death. Reprinting of the present article, with needed editorial changes, is by permission of Mrs. Kalecki. —The Editors

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