From Resistance to Revolution


  • John A. Ehrenreich
  • Barbara Ehrenreich





For at least five years young people in this country have struggled against "the system" That "system"—first no more than the links between red-neck cops and corrupt courts—has grown in our eyes to include the universities and firms we work for, what we see in the streets, how we have been trained to see ourselves. The cost of the struggle has already been great. We have seen friends beaten, jailed, exiled, and even killed. We who continue the struggle do so at the cost of our careers, maybe our lives. But, except for isolated moments of community, the worth of the struggle remains vague. We see more and more sharply what is wrong, how the wrongs are related. We have even come to call the system—"capitalism." But the confrontations which have trained our eyes for evil have, by their daily urgency, dimmed our vision of the future good, the "what-for." What follows is less an essay than a credo. We know what we are fighting against. We have this small glimpse of what we are fighting for.





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