Victory in Vietnam?


  • Charles J. Coe





In the course of more than 20 years of fighting against the French and American invaders, not to mention the Japanese before them, the Vietnamese have proved their ability to cope with the most modern imperialist armies using the most up-to-date equipment. What the Vietnamese have to say about the current military situation therefore deserves more consideration than it has received in most United States sources. No one who reads what their spokesmen say can fail to be impressed by their forthright manner, their deep confidence in the people, and their firm determination to continue the struggle until liberation is won. Without bluster or boasting, they analyze the overall situation and, in some detail, the recent "dry season counter-offensive" (November 1965-May 1966) on which Johnson, McNamara, and Westmoreland had counted so heavily to wrest back the initiative of action and about whose failure the public here has not been officially told.

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