Starting the 18th Year: Interview with "Partisans"; An Anniversary Message


  • Leo Huberman
  • Peter Lathrop





With this issue Monthly Review begins its eighteenth year of publication. In the past we have published in every May issue the statement "Where We Stand" which appeared in Volume 1, Number 1, and we may well publish it from time to time in years ahead. This year, however, we have decided to commemorate the occasion in another way. When Leo Huberman was in Paris recently he was interviewed by the magazine Partisans on MR's views and achievements, and it seems appropriate that the interview be published in MR as well as in Partisans. In addition we are publishing a tribute to MR sent us by a young friend who for the time being is obliged to use a pen name. His generosity to the editors is exaggerated, as is customary on such occasions as anniversaries. But his assessment of what we have tried to do and the point of view from which we have tried to do it is accurate and informative. —The Editors

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