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  • Leo Huberman
  • Paul M. Sweezy



Political Economy


This month we complete the publication of Adolfo Gilly's reports on the Guatemalan guerrilla movement. For reasons set forth in considerable detail in the last issue, we believe that what is taking place in Guatemala constitutes an historic breakthrough. The Guatemalans have learned through their own experience that to strive for a revolution on a program acceptable to the so-called national bourgeoisie is to court certain defeat. They have therefore abandoned this whole strategy and have openly proclaimed socialism as their goal and a workers' and peasants' state as the means to its attainment. Contrary to the predictions of traditional left-wing leaders and theorists, this new strategy has met with the enthusiastic acceptance of the Guatemalan masses. As a consequence, the whole conception of guerrilla war in Latin America is undergoing a fundamental transformation: the Guatemalans are rediscovering and applying in a Latin American context the ideas and methods developed in the Russian and Chinese Revolutions. New and exciting perspectives are opening up to the Latin American and world revolutions.

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