Paul Alexander Baran: A Collective Portrait: Foreword


  • Paul M. Sweezy
  • Leo Huberman





Monthly Review was founded in 1949 at just about the time that Paul Baran was resigning from a semi-governmental job at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to join the faculty of Stanford University. In his new situation he had more freedom, more time, and more energy to devote to outside matters. Being a Marxist whose political views were basically the same as ours, he was naturally interested in MR and as time went on became more and more closely associated with us in all its various aspects. In the early years when McCarthyism was at its height, he wrote under the pen name "Historicus," His first signed article, "On Soviet Themes," appeared in 1956; thereafter he wrote only under his own name. When, under circumstances described below (pages 45-46), the publisher who had originally contracted to publish The Political Economy of Growth reneged, Baran immediately offered it to MR Press which brought it out in 1957 and subsequently negotiated foreign editions in nine different languages. MR Press also published two pamphlets by Baran: Marxism and Psycho- analysis (1960), and Reflections on the Cuban Revolution (1961); and the Press will publish Monopoly Capital, the book which he was writing jointly with Paul M. Sweezy at the time of his death.

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