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  • Leo Huberman
  • Paul M. Sweezy




Ecology, Imperialism


We are putting this issue of MR to bed early in January preparatory to departing on a long-planned but long-delayed trip to South America. There are many people to be seen in the leading South American countries—editors, publishers, writers. We hope to be able to work out with them plans and arrangements that will result in an improved two-way flow of ideas and information between progressive forces in the United States and in Latin America. Being preoccupied with preparations for the trip, as well as with urgent MR Press matters that could not be postponed, we decided to devote this space in the February issue to a guest Review of the Month. The author is a man with long and rich experience as a writer and editor, whose present job requires him to travel extensively. In this piece, he articulates what many must feel about the historic crisis through which we are living. —The Editors

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Review of the Month