A Letter from Cuba


  • - An American in Cuba (anon.)






The following letter, addressed to the editors of MR, was received toward the end of January. Its author is a young American woman who married a Cuban and moved to Havana several years ago. When we were in Cuba in 1960 gathering material for our book on the Cuban Revolution, she was enormously helpful to us as interpreter, researcher, and adviser on all matters Cuban. We hope that the gentlemen who are making United States policy in Washington will read this letter and think about it seriously. Our correspondent was never a radical of any kind in the United States and never expected to be in Cuba. She has learned through the Revolution, and what she has learned she knows well. When she says that an invasion of Cuba by United States armed forces would be answered by "a struggle to the end by every man, woman, and child," she means exactly what she says. Let Washington ponder well the consequences, in Latin America and throughout the world, of entering upon a road that leads to such a destination. We say to Mr. Kennedy and his advisers with all the earnestness at our command that the author of this letter is an infinitely more reliable guide to the situation in Cuba than all the agents of the CIA. Listen to her! —The Editors

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