The Resumption of Testing; What Kind of Reform?


  • Leo Huberman
  • Paul M. Sweezy



History, Imperialism


The editors of Monthly Review are usually in close agreement on major economic and political issues. But not always. Over the years since the magazine was founded, there have been a number of occasions on which we have been unable to resolve our disagreements. Normally, in such cases, we have simply refrained from editorial comment, concentrating instead on one or more of the vastly larger number of issues where no disagreement exists. On one occasion, however, the presidential election of 1952, we felt that comment was called for despite disagreement, and each of us expressed his view under his own name. A similar situation has now arisen in connection with the resumption of nuclear testing, and we are dealing with it in the same way. The order of the two statements which follow is purely alphabetical.

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