Cuba: Anatomy of a Revolution


  • Paul M. Sweezy
  • Leo Huberman



History, Marxism


In this work we have attempted to combine the methods of journalism and scholarship to produce a rounded analysis of one of the most original and important social transformations of our time. Since journalism implies speed and scholarship deliberation, the combination necessarily involves a compromise, and we must leave it to the reader to judge whether we have managed to achieve a fruitful one.… We spent approximately three weeks in Cuba, in March 1960. We were received with warm hospitality and given every assistance we asked for. In the course of our inquiries we traveled from one end of Cuba to the other and talked with a large number of people from all walks of life. Some of these encounters and discussions are specifically cited in the text. We refrain from singling out particular individuals in this preface, however, lest we give a misleading impression that they are responsible for or share the views which we have expressed. The interpretation of the Cuban Revolution embodied in this work is our own, and we simply do not know to what extent our Cuban friends may agree with it. We await their comments and criticisms with the greatest interest, in the meanwhile expressing to all of them our heartfelt thanks for their never-failing kindness and patience.

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