Trained Manpower: U.S. versus USSR


  • Leo Huberman
  • Paul M. Sweezy



Education, History


This is going to be a sort of book review. To be sure, our lead article is not normally devoted to book reviews, but then this is the kind of book that doesn't normally get reviewed. It is entitled Instrumentation and Automation, and it constitutes the record of hearings held during December, 1956, before a Congressional committee. This 202-page document contains material bearing on a variety of subjects, including the contrasting ways in which the United States and the Soviet Union are meeting the educational problems posed by an age of extremely complex technology. The reason we want to direct your attention to these questions with particular emphasis is simple: we believe that it is in this area that the superiority of socialism over capitalism is most clearly visible. More than that, it is very likely the area in which the historical competition between the systems will be finally settled.





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