The Crisis in Race Relations; A Great Labor Organizer; Consumer Debt and Income


  • Leo Huberman
  • Paul M. Sweezy



Race, Inequality, Labor


Never before have we known such prosperity as we now enjoy—this is the boast of the Republicans through the President's annual Economic Report to the Congress. A Democratic-controlled joint committee of Senate and House members promptly expresses its basic agreement (New York Times, March 2). Ten long years since World War II, and nothing even approaching a major economic crash! And on the foundation of this unprecedented economic stability there has been superimposed a no-less remarkable political stability. There are, quite literally, no important issues between the dominant factions of the Republican and Democratic Parties. Policywise—as distinct from the issue of which individuals and groups enjoy the perquisites of power—it couldn't matter less whether Eisenhower or Stevenson sits in the White House, whether Democrats under Johnson and Rayburn or Republicans under Knowland and Martin organize the Congress.

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