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  • Scott Nearing





Tuesday, November 1, was a holiday in France. At the request of the French delegation, the conference of foreign ministers, meeting in Geneva, recessed for the day. This left Secretary Dulles free to enjoy a day of rest and refreshment or to seek reinforcements for his program of (1) stamping out "Communism" wherever it showed itself in the non-Communist world; (2) encircling the Communist nations with an iron ring of economic pressures and military bases; (3) weakening the Communist nations internally and externally; (4) rehabilitating and restoring Western European capitalism; (5) promoting the unification and rearmament of a Germany which will follow State Department directives; (6) integrating the North Atlantic Treaty nations under the leadership of the United States; and (7) keeping the Asian, African, and Latin American peoples in their places as vassals or dependencies of the richest and most powerful "free nations"—the United States, Britain, and France.

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World Events