Problems of American Socialism: No Short Cuts; Attitude vs. Behavior; Deeply Resented; Fourteen Theses on American Socialism; The Errors of Mr. Woodard; Socialism and the American Working Class


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In the January, 1954, issue of MR we published three articles under the heading "Problems of American Socialism," inviting readers to participate in discussion of the "problems they raise, or of related problems which they do not specifically consider." Below we print a small but representative selection from the contributions submitted in answer to this invitation. We begin with excerpts from one which gives a convenient, if not entirely sympathetic, summary of the main arguments of two of the January articles. In every case, omissions are indicated by the customary three dots ("…"). We originally intended to conclude with our own reflections on the issues which aroused the greatest amount of controversy, but for reasons of space have been unable to do so in this issue. We have therefore postponed our own contribution to the discussion until the June issue. (Responses from: A Los Angeles Subscriber, A Detroiter, A California Subscriber, Hugh Weston, A New York Subscriber, E. B. Brown.)

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