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On July 6, 1949, Matty and I set off from Tuolumne Meadows on the walking trip in the high Sierras which we had long planned. Up from the Tuolumne gap the trail leads through river meadows and then, following furious little streams that tumble through pine forests, it comes out on the bleak timber-line lakes that surround Vogelsang peak. (Statements by Howard Baker, C. L. Barber, Barrows Dunham, Vincent R. Dunne, John Finch, R. M. Goodwin, Leo Hurvich, Alfred Kazin, Helen B. Knapp, Robert K. Lamb, Corliss Lamont, J. C. Levenson, Harry Levin, Helen Merrell Lynd, Vittorio Gabrieli, Rufus W. Jr. Mathewson, Kenneth B. Murdock, Laurette P. Murdock, Emily Knapp Pitkin, Ruth M. Putnam, May Sarton, Jaroslav Schejbal, Ernest J. Simmons, Robert G. Stange, Pete Steffens, Donald Ogden Stewart, J. H. Summers, Richard Wilbur and Ella Winter.)

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