Where Are We Going?; The Soviet-Chinese Pact; News That's Fit to Print; The British Election


  • Leo Huberman
  • Paul M. Sweezy




History, Imperialism


Ever since the war the international situation has passed through alternating phases of fever, crisis, and relaxation. After the ending of the Berlin blockade last summer there was a marked and relatively prolonged period of relaxation, but for several months now the temperature has been rising again and a new crisis seems to be rapidly approaching. The victory of the Chinese Revolution and the opening of a new phase of anti-imperialist struggle in Asia, the deadlock over Chinese representation in the United Nations which has partially paralyzed the work of the international organization, and the announcement that the United States is building a hydrogen bomb many times as powerful as the A-bombs that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki-these are the dominant themes in a rising crescendo of tension, uncertainty, and fear.

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