• Monthly Review Volume 75, Number 1 (May 2023)

    Vol. 75, No. 01 (May 2023)

    • "Notes from the Editors, May 2023" by The Editors
    • "Grand Theft Capital: The Increasing Exploitation and Robbery of the U.S. Working Class" by Fred Magdoff, John Bellamy Foster
    • "Lula's Return and the Legacy of Destruction" by Rosa Maria Marques, Paulo Nakatani
    • "The Telecom Industry in India: Free Market or Monopoly-Finance Capital?" by Rahul Varman
    • "Introduction to the New Edition of 'The Hidden History of the Korean War'" by Tim Beal, Gregory Elich
    • "The Political Tragedy of Capitalist Rule" by Harry Magdoff, Paul M. Sweezy
  • Monthly Review Volume 74, Number 11 (April 2023)

    Vol. 74, No. 11 (April 2023)

    • "Notes from the Editors, April 2023" by The Editors
    • "Marxian Ecology, Dialectics, and the Hierarchy of Needs" by John Bellamy Foster; Dan Swain; Monika Woźniak
    • "John J. Simon: Socialist Editor, Writer, and Broadcaster" by John Bellamy Foster, John Mage
    • "Superexploitation and the Imperialist Drive of Capitalism: How Marini's 'Dialectics of Dependency' Goes beyond Marx's 'Capital'" by Andy Higginbottom
    • "The Meaning of 'So-Called Primitive Accumulation'" by Ian Angus
    • "Post-Second World War Social Christianity and Its Relevance to Pope Francis's Criticism of NATO" by Toby Terrar
    • "The silly war" by Marge Piercy
  • Monthly Review Volume 74, Number 10 (March 2023)

    Vol. 74, No. 10 (March 2023)

    • "Notes from the Editors, March 2023" by The Editors
    • "The Fishing Revolution and the Origins of Capitalism" by Ian Angus
    • "Limits to Supply Chain Resilience: A Monopoly Capital Critique" by Benjamin Selwyn
    • "Prioritizing U.S. Imperialism in Evaluating Latin America's Pink Tide" by Steve Ellner
    • "The Communitarian Revolutionary Subject and the Possibilities of System Change" by David Barkin, Brian M. Napoletano
    • "The new normal" by Marge Piercy
    • "The Puzzle of Financialization" by Harry Magdoff, Paul M. Sweezy
  • Vol. 74, No. 09 (February 2023)

    • "Notes from the Editors, February 2023" by The Editors
    • "The New Irrationalism" by John Bellamy Foster
    • "U.S. Economic Planning in the Second World War and the Planetary Crisis" by Martin Hart-Landsberg
    • "Half-Earth Socialism and the Path Beyond Capital" by Brian M. Napoletano
    • "SCOTUS on a roll" by Marge Piercy
    • "They use their religion to kill" by Marge Piercy
    • "Abortion—The Real Irish Lessons" by Tomás Mac Sheoin
  • Monthly Review Volume 74, Number 8 (January 2023)

    Vol. 74, No. 08 (January 2023)

    • "Notes from the Editors, January 2023" by The Editors
    • "Marx's Critique of Enlightenment Humanism: A Revolutionary Ecological Perspective" by John Bellamy Foster
    • "NATO and the Long War on the Third World" by Paweł Wargan
    • "Reflections on Lenin's Dialectics" by Pyotr Kondrashov
    • "The Witch-Hunting Committees: Never Again!" by Anne Braden
  • Monthly Review Volume 74, Number 7 (December 2022)

    Vol. 74, No. 07 (December 2022)

    • "Notes from the Editors, December 2022" by The Editors
    • "The Return of the Dialectics of Nature: The Struggle for Freedom as Necessity" by John Bellamy Foster
    • "Luisa Cáceres: Commune-Building in Urban Venezuela" by Chris Gilbert
    • "Crypto Convulsions, Digital Delusions, and the Inexorable Logic of Finance Capitalism" by Ramaa Vasudevan
    • "Mining Capital and the Indonesian State" by Arianto Sangadji
  • Monthly Review Volume 74, Number 6 (November 2022)

    Vol. 74, No. 06 (November 2022)

    • "Notes from the Editors, November 2022" by The Editors
    • "Anthropocene, Capitalocene, and Other "-Cenes": Why a Correct Understanding of Marx's Theory of Value Is Necessary to Leave the Planetary Crisis" by Carles Soriano
    • "What Comes after a Cycle of Protests? The Case of the 2020 Women's Protests in Poland" by Magdalena Muszel, Grzegorz Piotrowski
    • "Bhima Koregaon—Before the Law" by Saroj Giri
    • "End of Cold War Illusions" by Harry Magdoff, Paul M. Sweezy
    • "Strategies for Degrowth" by Mariko Frame
  • Monthly Review Volume 74, Number 5 (October 2022)

    Vol. 74, No. 05 (October 2022)

    • "Notes from the Editors, October 2022" by The Editors
    • "Ecological Civilization, Ecological Revolution: An Ecological Marxist Perspective" by John Bellamy Foster
    • "Marx and Engels and Russia's Peasant Communes" by Ian Angus
    • "Some Lessons on Planning for the Twenty-First Century from the World's First Socialist Economy" by Elena Veduta
    • "New York: Forest of Symbols" by Andy Merrifield
    • "Young Marx on Fetishism, Sexuality, and Religion: Revisiting the Bonn Notebooks" by Kaan Kangal
    • "Monthly Review in Historical Perspective" by Paul M. Sweezy
  • Monthly Review Volume 74, Number 4 (September 2022)

    Vol. 74, No. 04 (September 2022)

    • "Notes from the Editors, September 2022" by The Editors
    • "Ten Questions About Marx—More Than Twenty Years After Marx's Ecology" by John Bellamy Foster, Roberto Andrés
    • "Return of the Dialectics of Nature Debate" by Helena Sheehan
    • "H. Bruce Franklin's Most Important Books" by H. Bruce Franklin, Doug Storm
    • "Intelligence Under Racial Capitalism: From Eugenics to Standardized Testing and Online Learning" by Yarden Katz
    • "A New Environmental History of Socialist States" by Andy Bruno
  • Monthly Review Volume 74, Number 3 (July-August 2022)

    Vol. 74, No. 3 (July-August 2022)

    • "Notes from the Editors, July-August 2022" by The Editors
    • "Socialism and Ecological Survival: An Introduction" by John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark
    • "The Limits to Growth: Ecosocialism or Barbarism" by Alberto Garzón Espinosa
    • "Surviving Through Community Building in Catastrophic Times" by Sit Tsui, Lau Kin Chi
    • "Climate Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century" by Jayati Ghosh; Shouvik Chakraborty; Debamanyu Das
    • "We Only Have One Planet—Defending It Will Require Collective Measures" by João Pedro Stedile
    • "Measures to Defend Life on Planet Earth and Improve Living Conditions" by Brazilian popular movements
    • "End Ecocidal Capitalism or Exterminate Life on Planet Earth: A South African Contribution to Ecosocialist Strategy" by Vishwas Satgar
    • "Surviving Collapse Through Social Transformation and Regeneration" by Christina Ergas
    • "Ecology and the Future of History" by John Bellamy Foster
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