Class and Race: Life and Death Situations


  • Vicente Navarro



Race, Ecology, Political Economy, Inequality


As you may have noticed, class is rarely discussed in the scientific and mainstream media in the United States; it is considered an almost un-American category. In other countries, class is an extremely important category in understanding how people live, work, dress, vote, enjoy themselves, get sick, and die. You hear, see, and smell class in the streets. When you arrive in the United States, however, the whole category of class disappears; the majority of the U.S. population is supposed to be in the middle. It is accepted that there are extremes, the rich and the poor, but most Americans belong to the middle class. As the president of the United States said recently, "Class is for European democracies or something else—it isn't for the United States of America. We are not going to be divided by class."





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