Chile: New Urban Movements and the Transition to Democracy

  • Fernando Ignacio Leiva
  • James Petras
Keywords: Political Economy


Given that our problems are really the same, it is not hard for us to come together. Our particular ideological or religious tendencies pose no problem because when one really looks at it, we find each other everywhere. We find each other at the clinic, at school, at the PEM or POHJ. We experience the same misery; we are equally persecuted; we are equally repressed. Therefore, when you get to the bottom of it, the only power we have lies in our unity. We have no resources, nor do we have a trade union. But we do have our misery and the strength which it gives us. It's a paradox. - Rene Tapia, leader if the United Slum dwellers Committee, imprisoned under the state if seige.