The Rainbow Coalition and the Challenge of Class; Racism and Class: A Response to Vicente Navarro


  • Vicente Navarro
  • Sheila D. Collins



Race, Political Economy, Inequality


Dear Sheila Collins: I have just read your book, The Rainbow Challenge: The Jackson Campaign and the Future of U.S. Politics (Monthly Review Press, 1987). What a treat! When I started reading it I could not stop. I was so absorbed in it that I had to put aside everything else I was doing in order to finish the book. It is an excellent piece! You have put together the best written record of one of the most exciting pages of our history. As an overall coordinator of the 1984 Jackson campaign, you were in a unique position to explain and analyze our movement. And you did it very well. As a participant of the struggles you refer to in this book I feel that your analysis of events and prescriptions for change are superb. Thank you for having written it. All progressive forces in this country owe you a vote of gratitude.