The New Underground Railroad


  • Sheila D. Collins



Imperialism, Philosophy


In the midst of one of the bleakest periods for the North American left, the most vital resistance to U.S. imperialism is coming from the religious communities. While Marxists hold conferences to speculate on how to revitalize the connection between theory and practice, forty people, recruited through religious institutions, leave every two weeks for Nicaragua to live and work among the people in the most dangerous zones of the country, documenting contra atrocities, experiencing the acute pain of poverty and war, and then returning to their communities to talk about what they have seen and heard and to agitate for an end to U.S. intervention in Central America. Coordinated by a dedicated grassroots network of religious activities, the movement, known as Witness for Peace, has already sent over 2,000 American Christians and Jews on such tours of witness and solidarity.





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