Church and Revolution in Nicaragua: An Interview with Peter Marchetti

  • Peter Marchetti
Keywords: Philosophy, Movements


It was our original hope to include in this issue of MR a commentary on Carl Marzani's article by Peter Marchetti, a U.S. Jesuit priest working with the revolutionary government of Nicaragua in the field of agrarian reform and agricultural development, whom we had the good fortune to become acquainted with when we were in Managua last December (see "Notes from the Editors" in the issue of January 1982). Since this proved to be impossible, we are doing the next-best thing by reprinting here the major part of an interview with Father Marchetti which appeared in Working Papers, March-April 1982. It is reproduced by permission of the editors of Working Papers (186 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139, subscription $18 a year); ©1982 by The Trusteeship Institute. —The Editors