Marxism: Looking Backward and Forward: Essay 6

  • Oliver Cromwell Cox
Keywords: Revolutions, Marxism, Movements


I asked the editors of this symposium not to categorize me as a "Marxist-Leninist" because, although I am not an "anti- Marxist-Leninist," I see my orientation to the study of the emergent socialist world as distinct enough to avoid such an identification. The orthodox approach to assessments of the indices of "revolutionary" change in the capitalist system has been to conceive of change as developing essentially from an elemental struggle for economic and political power between capital and labor. This outlook has not been restricted to Marxist socialist thinkers. It was—let us consider at random—constantly implied by businessmen, in arguments following the April 1962 steel-price reversal, that the President's "hostility toward business" clearly identified him as pro-labor.

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