On the Irrelevance of Bourgeois Economics


  • Paul M. Sweezy




Political Economy


The following pieces were written for professional economic journals but with Monthly Review readers very much in mind, since we consider it to be one of MR's primary tasks to present an ongoing critique of the bourgeois social sciences. They are published here by agreement with the editors concerned. The first is part of a symposium appearing in the current (November) issue of the Quarterly Journal of Economics dealing with the recently published book, The Political Economy of the New Left, by Assar Lindbeck. The other participants in the symposium were G.L. Bach, Stephen Hymer and Frank Roosevelt, and Lindbeck himself. The QJE is published by the Harvard economics department. The second piece is appearing in the fall issue of the Intermountain Economic Review, published by the economics department of the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. In its spring 1972 issue, the IER reprinted my article "Socio-Cultural Transformation in Developing Countries" (see Modern Capitalism and Other Essays, Monthly Review Press, 1972, pp. 15-24), along with a comment, "Some Notes on a Radical's View of the Development Process in the Third World," by Charles T. Nisbet, of the economics faculty of Evergreen State College in Washington state. The second piece below is a reply to Nisbct.-.P.M.S.





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